Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the  Answer
to  Your  Prayers?
It most definitely is if you pray to…...
Eliminate all Credit Card Debts
Eliminate all Medical Bills
Recover from failed businesses
Get rid of d/b/a debts
Get the IRS off your back
Get out of bankruptcy in as little as 5 months
Get rid of Mortgage obligations
Surrender Assets, including vehicle
Get Rid of Repo Collections
Redeem Assets
Get rid of negative credit history
Retain all of your future earnings
End creditor harassment
Restore Your Credit, Fast
Deal with all my creditors all at once
Get Rid of Payday Loans
Get Rid of Most Divorce Expenses
Restore Driving Privileges due to car accidents
So say Alleluia!!!….
Free me from the shame of needing to borrow from my relatives
No more borrowing from Peter to Pay Paul
Get back my sanity, my dignity, and start fresh   
Re-Establish my priorities: I want to give my attention to God, my kids, my spouse, not a bunch of bills no way in hell I can afford.
Jennifer A. Blanc
Learn about the legalities of Bankruptcy from an accomplished Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney located in Westchester IL.  The Law Offices of Jennifer A. Blanc has filed consumer bankruptcies successfully for more than a decade. She will help protect you from your creditors too. Visit or call 708-848-LAW1 (5291).

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